• Sergio Heredia

Galería La Esperanza
General Juan Cano 59
San Miguel Chapultepec
C.P. 11850
Mexico City, Mexico


Pedacería, 2016
Piedra basáltica (montaña, valle, colina) y espejo de seguridad (sol).
3.20 x 0.36 x 0.57 m
Photo credit: PJ Rountree

Diamante de hielo sobre base de acrílico negro, 2016
Diamante de hielo sobre base de acrílico negro.
0.50 x 0.50 x 0.40 m
Photo credit: PJ Rountree

Casa de campaña y tenis con musgo, 2016
Casa de campaña y tenis con musgo.
2.50 x 2.50 x 1.50 m
Photo credit: PJ Rountree

Pedacería is the first of four exhibitions composed from a personal collection of objects that once had a useful stage, but were destined for oblivion and rescued by Sergio Heredia. This repurpose creates a new discourse within Galería La Esperanza, in the form of a very simple landscape: a basaltic stone from a piece by Pierre Huyghe that floated in an aquatic sculpture where blind fishes lived and a security mirror that was part of”Mantric Mutation” by Gunilla Klingberg.

The exhibition is also complemented by three other pieces hidden along General Antonio León. Two of these pieces are different ¨dreams,¨ which were secretly exposed without permission at the Tamayo Museum. These dreams also form part of an exhibition called “Loose Laces.” Loose Laces is the first chapter of a book written from dream logs in which I have been working for about ten years. The third piece is a tent and a pair of tennis shoes with moss, which in the future will become a dress for a performance (the date and place are not yet defined).

* These last three pieces will only be exposed on the day of the exhibition opening.

– Shesho