• Francisco Cordero-Oceguera

Lock Up International


Year, 2016.
Steel shelving unit, particle board, wood, framed inkjet prints, shrink film, unplugged radio alarm clock, cardboard box.

On view is the skeleton of a steel shelving unit displaying three objects.

The first object is a framed photograph of a woman resting her head on an airplane window and a yellow sweater. I captured this image on an afternoon flight from Mexico City to Monterrey in December 2015. Minutes after, the plane flew over the Sierra Madre Oriental, which unreasonably to me was spellbinding. With my forehead resting on the window, looking out, I tried to understand why at this particular moment a landscape was gripping my attention. I took a photo of this moment as well, thinking that it possessed an intrinsic value from which I would benefit from later.

The second object is a framed photograph of a small fallen branch resting on a sewer manhole cover on the street. I captured this image from my office window in 2015, I don’t remember precisely when. I do remember thinking it was a good vague depiction of indifference. An image I could potentially benefit from later.

The third object is an unplugged radio alarm clock resting on top of a cardboard box. In a group show that took place in October 2015 I exhibited a working alarm clock set with the wrong time for the city it was in. That piece is titled a clock that tells you the time of sometime tomorrow, 2015.